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How Are UK Sugar Daddies Different from Sugar Daddies in Other Countries?

UK sugar daddy

Sugar daddies and sugar babies can be found in multiple countries around the world. You can find them in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, and the list goes on.

A lot of young foreign women like to study in the United Kingdom because the country has the best schools in the world. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to live anywhere in Great Britain. Because of this, young female students become sugar babies in order to survive. They look for sugar daddies who’ll pay their living expenses and college tuition in exchange for companionship.

A foreign sugar baby may wonder if UK sugar daddies are different than sugar daddies in other countries. The quick answer is “yes,” but only to a certain extent. The needs of the sugar daddy are more or less the same. They want a beautiful woman to accompany them on dates and social gatherings. In some cases, they may want sex and intimacy at their home or in a hotel room.

However, the personal characteristics of rich British men are a bit different than the characteristics of rich American and Australian sugar daddies, for example. The United Kingdom is a more traditional society where upper-class men are raised to behave in a more dignified and disciplined way. In fact, a lot of British men come from “old money” rather than “new money.” This means they inherited their money or come from a family that is rich.

As a result, UK sugar daddies are more likely to treat their sugar babies with dignity and respect. They will show them a good time by taking them to the finest restaurants, dancing with them eloquently, and practically treating them like a queen. Rich British men believe in treating their beautiful companion like queens. After all, the United Kingdom is the land of royalty, right?

Now take a look at American sugar daddies. A lot of American men come from humble beginnings. They were not born rich, nor did they inherit their money. Most of them have earned their wealth through hard work, business, and a fair amount of luck. After all, the United States is the land of opportunity where people can rise up out of poverty and get rich if they play their cards right.

Okay, so think about how this affects the characteristics of rich American men. Since most of them grew up poor or middle class, they don’t have the sophistication and mannerisms of rich British men. Rich Americans tend to have wilder personalities and more of a drive toward wanting sex and intimacy.

Therefore, you’re more likely going to find UK sugar daddies that are interested in a platonic relationship. But you may not realize this difference until you spend time with the sugar daddies.

The Different Laws

In 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump signed two bills into law called the “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” and the “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act.” These laws make it nearly impossible for sugar daddy websites to exist on American web hosting servers. The laws are meant to stop the sexual exploitation of women, even if the terms of the website state that relationships are kept platonic.

If a sugar baby is going to operate in the United States, she will have a much tougher time because she can no longer post her profile on American hosted websites. She’s better off going to the United Kingdom, where these laws do not exist. Posting your profile on a UK-hosted sugar daddy website is perfectly legal. In fact, prostitution is legal in Great Britain to a certain extent. You just can’t solicit because that would be a crime.

The good news is that American sugar daddies can still post their profiles on the internet. If a sugar baby were to find a sugar daddy instead of the other way around, then it could be one way to work around these laws. The sugar baby would have to stay discrete until she contacts the sugar daddy directly. This will make the arrangement a little more challenging, but it can be done.

Why UK Sugar Dating is More Fun

If you have a choice between dating British sugar daddies and American sugar daddies, you should go to the United Kingdom and choose the British sugar daddies. You will have a much better time because it is a country filled with history and culture. Your sugar daddy may introduce you to a lot of fascinating cultural sites and entertainment venues that you cannot find anywhere else.

In America, sugar dating is not as exciting unless you live in New York City or Los Angeles. You’re better off with a sugar daddy from anywhere in the United Kingdom because the entire country is filled with historical monuments and cultural sites. You won’t get bored for one second dating a rich UK man.