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Sugar Baby Rules to Follow in the UK Arrangement Dating World

Sugar Baby Rule

UK sugar baby rules – What are they?

The success of a sugar dating relationship will depend on whether you follow the sugar baby rules or not. Remember, there are always more sugar babies than sugar daddies on sugar dating sites. This is for the simple reason that it’s easy to find young and beautiful women in the UK – most college students here are young and beautiful. But it’s not so easy to find genuinely rich, accomplished and understanding men in the UK who fit into the role of a sugar daddy.

So if you are a sugar baby, you should learn to be competitive and follow the rules. Let’s quickly look at the dos and don’ts of a sugar baby –sugar daddy relationship.

Rule #1: Make sure that the sugar daddy is legit.

There are unfortunately many frauds that get into the system. This is in spite of the fact that the moderators at dating sites check every profile carefully and make sure neither the sugar baby nor the sugar daddy is misrepresenting themselves. More often than not, you have to depend on your instinct – all women have a natural instinct to separate the prince from the pauper.

Rule #2: Know your role.

You should, from the very outset, set the rules for your relationship. You should be clear about what you are willing to do and what you cannot do. If there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, say so. Be clear about your expectations from the relationship.

Rule #3: Be honest.

Sugar daddies are very smart and highly accomplished men who have done a lot in life. They are kind and understanding, but what they hate is lies. They can smell a lie from a distance. They hate dishonest people. Don’t make ridiculous excuses if you cannot make it to a date. Tell them what the problem really is and be honest.

Rule #4: Don’t be emotional.

A sugar baby arrangement is strictly a business deal; it is about a wealthy man getting companionship from a young lady for a short period of time. There is no room for emotions here. Don’t get attached to the sugar daddy, don’t call them when they are at home or work. Don’t pester them. When they want to call you, they will call you. Don’t fall in love and don’t be possessive of the sugar daddy.

Rule #5: Be realistic.

Be realistic about your expectations from such a relationship. No, just because you are sugar dating a rich guy doesn’t mean you’ve hit jackpot and he is going to marry you. No, you’re not going to become a millionaire from such a relationship. But it can help pay off some of your college fees, pay for your rent and other essential stuff, and hopefully get you started in your life.

Rule #6: No means no.

Always take care of yourself. Remember, “No” means no. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself and decline to participate in things that go against your morals or belief system.