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7 Important Tips To Date Safely As A Sugar Baby


Although secret arrangements are fun and beneficial for both UK sugar daddies and sugar babies, it’s important you know that even though there are many great sugar daddies out there, there are several bad ones to be mindful of too. These perverts and scam artists are all about getting you to let your guard down to take advantage of you.

How can you protect yourself and arrange for a safe seeking arrangement as a sugar baby?

1. Safeguard Your Information

Do not share your private information or details about your life with a sugar daddy. They may seem harmless, but a fake sugar daddy could use them to do you harm. Once you get involved with a sugar daddy that you can trust, then share what you’d like, but until then, absolutely not!

2. Use A Sugar Phone Number

Never allow a potential sugar daddy to call your “real” number. Instead, invest in a sugar phone number such as a Google Voice number, which can send the call to your cell phone or landline phone. This is a free service that forces callers to identify themselves before you accept the call. If it becomes necessary, you can also block calls. Or, consider using Skype.

3. Use Post Office Box or PayPal To Accept Gifts

Many prospective sugar daddies want to send their sugar babies gifts – in the form of money or physical objects. You can accept them and keep yourself by using a PayPal email address or a post office box. Never share your home address or bank account information with a sugar daddy.

4. Talk By Phone Before You Meet

Emailing is great, but you really don’t learn about a person until you talk to them either in person or on the phone. Before you meet any sugar daddy, talk to them on the phone. You’ll get a vibe on whether or not they are the right sugar daddy for you. You don’t have to talk forever and a day to get that feeling.

5. Background Checks

Yes, a seeking arrangement background check may seem like you’re paranoid, but remember it’s your safety on the line. It’s not uncommon to run into a sugar daddy who says one thing about themselves but turn out to be someone else entirely. Although sugar daddies often like to remain anonymous, they may share with you their phone number and name. Conduct a reverse number lookup and learn who they are, their relatives, address, etc.

Does the information they provide match up to what you’ve learned about them?

6. Meet In Public Places

This tip applies to every aspect of online dating. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been talking to someone; meet them in a public setting. This helps you to escape if you don’t feel comfortable. Also, be sure to meet them there – don’t let them pick you up from your place. If they invite you back to their place, say thanks but no thanks.

Even if you’ve been talking to your sugar daddy for some time, you’re still strangers to each other. Protect yourself!

7. Don’t Drink Too Much

When you first meet a sugar daddy, you want to stay sober. Many people, when they’re nervous often drink too much. The idea behind this sugar daddy/baby date is to learn more about each other to see if a potential relationship is there. Your sugar daddy should be making sure you feel at ease with him – not trying to get you drunk to take advantage of you.

One more thing to remember, you need to trust your instincts about the situation with a sugar daddy. If you get a bad vibe or something feels off, listen to that inner voice and gut. In most cases, they don’t steer you wrong and can keep you safe. If you feel your life could be in danger, walk away quickly and find help.