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Is Sugar Daddy Dating Legal In The UK?

Sugar Dating Legit

The reality is that sugar dating is not the same as prostitution, which is what makes seeking arrangements legal? How so?

What Is Prostitution?

Prostitution is not legal, as money is exchanged for sex and a relationship beyond that generally never happens. They sleep with anyone to get the money they need or want. They have no relationship with anyone and are not picky about who they sleep with. They generally stand on street corners to attract men’s attention for the sole purpose of sleeping with them.

What Is Sugar Dating?

Sugar babies, on the other hand, are anything but these things. After all, a sugar baby has a relationship with her sugar daddy. It’s the kind of relationship that looks like a boyfriend/girlfriend. They’re liable to have a connection of some type with a chance for romance. Although it defies the norms of courtship, it does not mean the relationship isn’t real. As such, sugar baby/daddy dating is not illegal.

With U.S. laws changing dramatically and social media, it has made things much harder for genuine sugar babies to get noticed. Many once prominent sites are not allowed to offer their services in the U.S. and Craigslist no longer has a personal or escort ads section to it. The change in finding sugar babies and making arrangements with them is also seen and experienced in the UK.

After all, Craigslist no longer offers the personal or escort ad service for the UK on its site either. Still, it doesn’t mean sugar dating is illegal in the UK. In fact, there are several sugar daddy/baby dating websites geared to individuals in the UK such as Seeking.com, but their popularity is waning for various reasons.

Perhaps it’s the lack of clarity of whether or not seeking arrangements are legal.

This has led to sugar daddies and sugar babies using other methods to find one another such as the Tinder app and meeting up in restaurants and bars. While it’s a face-to-face meeting, it could be bad if the experience isn’t what you expect. Bad, but not illegal. They’re also checking out the freestyling spots in London (May Fair Hotel’s May Fair Bar, the Sanderson’s Long Bar, etc.). These places are not illegal and nothing illegal happens, as it’s between two consenting adults.

And, there’s nothing illegal with any of this.

As long as the negotiations and terms are clear between a sugar baby and sugar daddy (and it’s not a one-time thing such as prostitution), then the question of is seeking arrangements legit can be answered in the affirmative.