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Are Sugar Babies Prostitutes or Hookers on UK Dating Sites?

Prostitute Sugar Baby

The United Kingdom is not totally against prostitution. Even though you’re not allowed to own a brothel or solicit in public, the act of prostitution itself is legal. There are a lot of prostitutes, hookers, and escorts in the United Kingdom that find a way to stay discrete. That is why prostitution is so popular in the country, especially in big cities like London.

Sugar daddy websites are often viewed as websites which pimp out young women to older rich men. There are no sex advertisements on the website, but it is commonly understood that sex will eventually happen at some point later. These young women, who are known as “sugar babies,” may be viewed as prostitutes or hookers because they usually accept large payments in exchange for sex.

However, these women don’t think of themselves as prostitutes. In their minds, they’re offering companion services to these rich older men. The sugar daddies and sugar babies may go out together for dinner, dancing, or any other special event. Once these activities are over, the sugar daddy will ask the sugar baby to come back to his place. He’ll make her an offer to “spend the night” with him, and the rest is history.

This doesn’t mean that all sugar babies are prostitutes in the UK. It all depends on which sugar daddy websites you visit. Some sugar daddy websites don’t have any verification system set in place to verify the identifies of the members who sign up. Without such a verification system, the potential for these websites being used for the purposes of prostitution and solicitation are far greater.

A real sugar daddy website is supposed to have wealthy male members and young, beautiful female members. Prostitutes masquerading as sugar babies certainly don’t want to have their identities verified. Men who are merely looking for sex don’t want their identities verified either, especially if they’re really not wealthy.

Unfortunately, there are sugar daddy websites that make it easy for alleged sugar daddies and sugar babies to lie about who they are. That is why the whole sugar daddy industry gets such a bad reputation. So, if you’re on a sugar daddy website that is based in the UK, and it doesn’t have a member verification system, then you can automatically assume the sugar babies are prostitutes and hookers.

Will There Be SugarDaddyBabyUK.co.uk

There is one sugar daddy website which has a great verification system. SugarDaddyBabyUk.co.uk is one of the first sugar daddy websites in the UK. It has been around for nearly 17 years in counting. Part of the reason for its longevity has to do with its verification system. The moderators vigorously verify the profiles of all members before they’re actively published on the platform. They work hard to keep the website scam-free and safe for everyone.

For example, if you are a sugar baby seeking a mutual arrangement with a sugar daddy, you’ll need to verify your age and photograph before your profile will be accepted by the moderators. As for the sugar daddy, he’ll need to verify his wealth and financial status.

After all, sugar daddy websites are supposed to be about wealthy men who want to make mutual arrangements with younger women that are struggling financially. A man who makes minimum wage and has no money would not qualify as a sugar daddy. Therefore, sugar babies get reassurance that they’re not ending up with somebody like this because SugarDaddyBabyUK.co.uk makes sure that their sugar daddies are the real deal.


There are some sugar babies that are promiscuous and have no hesitation in arranging a sexual encounter with a client. On the other hand, there are sugar babies who are strictly offering companionship and nothing more.

The terms of the mutual arrangement are always discussed before any money or “services” are exchanged. Remember that prostitution is technically legal in the UK as long as there’s no public solicitation or advertising. And, so far, sugar daddy websites don’t have any strict laws against them in the UK like they do in the United States. Although, there are rumors that some British laws against sugar daddy websites may get passed in the future.